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Happy Wednesday! I am very excited to tell you guys that now I can paint at night time or with limited day light. (a complete game changer and great for those endless Miami rainy summer days). How did this happen you may ask? I'm a night owl by nature (I've tried so hard to become an early bird with no success at all) and therefore love to paint at night time. I'm most productive and creative after 7 pm, I've come to realize after all these years. I honestly used to have a tiny Ikea desk lamp and would honestly try not to paint or sketch at night time cause I would strain my eyes, and also the colors would look very different the next morning. I would always be moving around to find the best natural light in my studio. Fall is around the corner though (YASSS!) and with it less hours of daylight. For the longest time I knew I had to find a solution to this issue (so that I wouldn't have to limit these moments of being in the zone to natural daylight hours) but honestly was too lazy to do my research of proper -and great- studio lighting.